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Features of Our UV Irradiation Units
  • Mercury-free UV irradiation units
  • LEDs with longer life than lamps
  • Irradiation units best for low-temperature processes
  • Flexible designs for different applications

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Compact Excimer UV Irradiation Unit

Economy model designed for R&D and small materials

Product name Compact Excimer UV Irradiation Unit
Applications Surface cleaning, Surface modification
Wavelength 172nm
Irradiation length 25×172mm
Irradiance Lamp tube surface 70mW/cm2


In-line type UV-LED Irradiation Unit

In-line type UV-LED irradiation unit suitable for conveyor irradiation such as printing and roll-to-roll process

Product name In-line type UV-LED Irradiation Unit
Aplications UV ink curing, Coating agent curing
Wavelength 365, 385, 395, 405nm (in any combination)
Irradiance WD=20mm 4000mW/cm2

Quark's excimer lamp VUV enables your new applications without wet cleaning process. Quark pursues further developments in application fields of our vacuum ultraviolet excimer lamps in semiconductor, biotechnology, environmental science, and polymer processing for a future.In an immediate future, the low-k dielectric film residue removal by the excimer lamp VUV irradiation will be used in the production environment. At one of our customers sites, the experiment is giving us consistently positive results.
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